A mineral adhesive-, filler- and reinforcing mortar read more

A specially designed coating system for Udi thermal insulation for condensation-free interior insulation. read more

Highly diffusion-permeable and capillary-active. Recommended for façades subject to severe wear and climate conditions. Machine-application compatible.read more

This ready-to-use system is machine-application compatible. Available in a comprehensive range of brilliant colour tones.read more

Ready to use and especially highly open-diffusion and vapour-permeable, fine quality, plaster system based upon natural sodium silicate. Machine-application compatible.read more

A classic plaster system comprised of specially selected, natural, mineral components. Materials are dry-packed. They can be applied using continuous-flow mixers or spiral pumpsread more

Fine quality plaster system for UdiWood-Fibre Insulation Boards with 15 year guarantee. Machine-application compatible. White and coloured tones. read more

High quality loam paint for interior applications. Suitable for internal wall insulation as well as all other substrates. read more

An extremely environmentally-friendly and sustainable system to provide effective protection against algae and mould growth.read more

Our colours, high quality renders and plasters are manufactured from high quality natural resources and are subject to quality management procedures.read more