We are an innovative company that develops natural wood-fibre insulation products to promote healthy, environmentally friendly, accommodation. Founded in 1989 by the Dipl. Ing. Bernd Unger, today it is a medium-sized family business in the second generation.

As early as 1991, the company founder, Bernd Unger, developed the first wood-fibre insulation system for façades that was suitable for direct rendering. That is why we include the words “The Original” in our logo. With his pioneering work for health-promoting residential construction and the development of the product Diffutherm from Unger, the foundation stone was laid for a series of ongoing developments. This is reflected to the present day in the high quality standards of the company.

The over 70,000 completed construction projects with satisfied developers, architects and tradesmen are the proof of the excellent quality and high performance of our UdiWOOD-FIBRE

We have more than 26 years of experience as a system provider and manufacturer of a whole range of environmentally friendly, innovative, natural wood-fibre insulation systems. Our patented products are used to insulate façades, the interior side of external walls, drywall constructions and roofs.

Through our research on a wide range of materials and the experience gained from their practical application, we continuously develop and manufacture additional complete system solutions with fully coordinated material combinations e.g. UdiRECO, UdiSPEED, UdiIN 2CM, for our customers. Softwood fibres, with their unbeatable natural properties, are the basis for all our products.

Our qualified field representatives and our technically expert in-house team guarantee that you receive competent advice on our products and their applications. Our strength is our ability to provide on-site support from the planning phase to the project’s completion.
UNGER-DIFFUTHERM has a streamlined, flexible and efficient organisational structure. We strive to communicate with our customers as equals. Our highly professional advisory services and short reaction times assure an optimal level of customer care.

Quality is our top priority. That is why the training courses for tradesmen (painters, plasterers, stucco plasterers, drywall builders, carpenters and many others) to become a licensed UdiCertified Installer are held in our own premises. This brings together the cumulative theoretical and practical expertise of our tradesmen and thereby a unique market position and increased on-site construction quality.

Unger-Diffutherm stands for health-promoting, natural insulation system solutions for increased living quality in your own four walls. You don’t see our materials after they have been installed but you will notice their effects when sleeping, working or just in the course of your daily lives at home. Increasing numbers of people are taking their responsibility for the future seriously and insulating their properties with sustainable, innovative insulation systems.

„He who chooses the beginning of the road chooses the place it leads to.“
Harry Emerson Fosdick