environmentally friendly printing papers "Blauer Engel"

UdiDÄMMSYSTEME prints exclusively on recycled paper from the "Blaue Engel".

Hard conditions for pollutant emission and water pollution as well as for energy, water and chemical consumption must be complied with in order to bear the logo of the Blue Angel. Recycled papers, unlike fresh fiber products, are generally not offered in discounters or at special prices. They are even more expensive than fresh fiber products of similar quality.

Why is recycled paper with the Blue Angel better for the environment?

  • paper with the Blue Angel consists of 100 percent recycled paper. That spares our forests. Every fifth tree felled worldwide is used for papermaking.
  • forests store CO2 and are therefore important for climate protection. At the same time, the habitat of many animals and plants is preserved.
  • recycled paper saves CO2, because pulp from other countries has to be imported for virgin fiber paper - CO2 is emitted during transportation.
  • the production of recycled paper saves up to 70 percent water and 60 percent energy compared to virgin fiber paper.
  • the Blue Angel guarantees that no harmful chemicals or optical brighteners are added to the paper during manufacture.
  • about 90 percent of the paper has a short life and ends up in waste after a short usage.

Benefits for the environment and health

  • Conservation of resources due to high waste paper content
  • Reduction of waste by recycling waste paper with proportionate use of virgin fibers
  • only use of wood from sustainably managed forests