Insulation and heating are decisive for energy savings and a comfortable climate in your own four walls. If you combine both intelligently, this multiplies the positive effects. The combination that has proven to be particularly effective is the UdiSUN® System. Here, radiant heating based on state-of-the-art carbon sheets and wood fibre insulation boards from the new generation of UdiINSULATION SYSTEMS® merge to form a single unit.

  • no air turbulence
  • prevents bacterial development
  • short response time
  • balanced room climate

Mould doesn’t have a chance

The insulating properties of the UdiIN 2CM® insulating elements are based on a clever trait. They make
use of the “double-glazing effect” in which the stationary air layer between the panes creates the insulating effect. In the wood-fibre insulation, this works using the “climate chambers” - a matrix encompassing a multitude of air columns bonded to a woodfibre insulation board. Any moisture that accumulates is absorbed and transported away, thus effectively preventing waterlogging and mould growth and positively influencing the room climate. The system of heating and insulation with carbon fibre sheets and UdiWOOD FIBERS reliably prevents problems with moisture, which lead to mould and structural damage. It also saves costs for boilers, installation and maintenance. The capillary-active system ensures a pleasant indoor climate in all seasons and reduces energy costs.



How it works

A temperature regulating carbon fibre sheet is excited by the supply of low voltage and emits radiation in the low temperature range with a wavelength comparable to that of the sun between 3 and 5 μm. This is also referred to as the relative wavelength range.The carbon fibre sheet is connected to the underlying wood fibre by bonding it in a layer of mineral reinforcement filler. In turn, the wood fibre board lies above an air chamber honeycomb, which is in contact with the outer wall through a mineral-based foundation
coating. The radiation generated acts in two directions, on the room side and in the direction of the wood fibre. At the wood fibre this radiation is converted into heat. The air chamber columns inhibit significantly the heat exchange to the outer wall. The heat flow is interrupted. The wood fibre becomes a heat storage medium and radiates a small amount of heat via the air layer columns to the inner surface of the outer wall. Due to the heat conduction throughout the wood fibre board, an even temperature distribution
is achieved. A vapour pressure gradient builds up between the wood fibre board and the surface of the outer wall via the air layer columns. This vapour pressure gradient persists as long as the inner surface of the wall can provide “moisture”. The effect: The outer wall is dried. We get better insulating properties of the outer wall. Mould formation is prevented.

Result: For effective radiant heating, the decoupling of thermal conduction and thermal convection to the outer wall is a decisive criterion for its effectiveness and for the level of energy consumption. We meet these requirements through the use of UdiIN 2CM®, UdiCLIMATE® and the UdiIN RECO® System which adapts to uneven surfaces. The UdiSUN® system of radiant heating uses thermal radiation in conjunction with an intelligent insulation solution to reduce energy losses and ensure a comfortable room climate..

Conclusion: A fantastic room climate with a great energy-saving bottom line.

The combination of a special UdiWOOD FIBRE SYSTEM and surface heating makes the difference!

Most of the thermal radiation heats the interior.

Only a small proportion of the heat is transferred to the
insulation with air layer columns.

The heating of the air in the honeycomb leads to improved
moisture absorption from the outer wall.

The outer wall is dried. The moisture is transported away
through the vapour-permeable structure

Innovation with a Guarantee

  • The surface heat is pleasant for the occupants, just like the sun
  • We decouple the heat flow from the cold side as well as from the warm side
  • UdiSUN® is sufficient as the sole heating system for ceilings, walls or floors
  • Use of radiant heat to dry out the walls
  • Increase in the surface temperature, thus avoiding mould formation
  • Space-saving, effective, concealed, each room can be used individually
  • 15 year mould-free guarantee
  • No turbulence of the air by heat flows, because of the heat is radiated
  • Warm surfaces prevent the development of bacteria
  • Short reaction time, no flow temperature necessary
  • Balanced room climate
  • Improvement of summer heat shielding