UdiIN RECO® SYSTEM Insulation boards with levelling compensation

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The UdiIN RECO® SYSTEM is composed of two wood-fibre layers and is based on the UdiRECO principle with an automatic levelling compensation for uneven surfaces. The interior insulation system is the alternative to vapour-proof solutions on the inside of exterior walls. It enables the problem-free installation of interior insulation for the retrofit of existing buildings.

The external appearance of the building and the type of wall construction are unimportant. Regardless of whether the walls are slim, half-timbered structures, double-skin brickwork or heavy natural stone, this system is suitable for all types. Any accumulated condensation is absorbed by the UdiIN RECO® SYSTEM and, thanks to its quick-drying properties, is then transported into the room air or through the capillary effect to the outside of the building. Due to its excellent price/performance ratio, the system is great value. It is affixed dry and thereby additional installation-related moisture ingress is avoided. 

The adjustable fixings that belong to the system UdiASSEMBLY SD RECO enable an adjustment of up to +/- 2 Zentimeter to compensate for uneven substrates. When the insulation boards have been adjusted and levelled, a coat of climate regulating UdiMULTIGRUND is applied. This surface can then be wallpapered, painted or tiled. It is also possible to apply additional plaster coatings using UdiLIVE loam or lime plasters.

In cooperation with the Technical University, Dresden and sponsored by the German Environment Foundation, our interior insulation system has been thoroughly tested. The complete study is contained in a SPECIAL BROCHURE, which we will be happy to send you in printed form. Call us on: +49 (0) 371 8156 40.

UdiRECO is also used as an external façade insulation.



  • Adjustable between plus/minus 20 mm
  • For uneven interior walls
  • Available in thicknesses of 80 to 200 mm
  • Compact against the substrate
  • No moisture from a mortar or loam bed
  • No bearer structures required
  • Directly affixable to the interior of the wall and then adjustable
  • Quick-drying
  • Suitable for insulating thick and thin walls from the inside 
  • Resonance-free sound-proofing
  • The vapour-retarding plaster coat regulates water vapour levels
  • No need for insulation wedges or corner insulation boards
  • The surface of the mineral vapour retarder serves as a base layer for plasters and paints
  • Patent-protected

Benefits of this system

  1. The specially developed mineral, water vapour regulating render UdiMULTIGRUND ensures that there is no build-up of condensation.
  2. The insulation system automatically compensates for uneven surfaces of up to +/- 20 mm without using any mortar or adhesive.
  3. As a result of the combination of flexible and render-bearing wood fibres the Lambda value has been optimised and is the front-runner among interior insulation systems.
  4. Through the intelligent synthesis of a heavy and a light wood-fibre layer, with their high condensation absorption capacities and quick-drying properties, there is no mould growth or accumulation of additional moisture.
  5. The intelligent layered construction of the UdiIN RECO SYSTEM with different layer densities provides excellent sound proofing properties without resonance effects.

Please contact us for a comprehensive analysis or structural and calculational proof.

Installation Information

By exerting a direct influence on the moisture level, the capillary-active insulation system UdiIN RECO inhibits problems with moisture that may lead to building damage. With this system, a simple and effective solution has been developed which meets the requirements for energy saving and contributes to a healthy room climate. It can be used for any application from thin, half-timbered wall constructions to thick castle walls.

This interior insulation system does away with the need for a vapour barrier! The system can be installed regardless of wind speeds.

Step 1. Mounting and fixing

Beginning from the bottom to the top, the wood-fibre boards are mounted to the level surface of the substrate so that the joints are offset. They are then secured using our UdiASSEMBLY SDM (adjustable fixing – masonry) or SDH (adjustable fixing – timber) system fixings. The fixing have an adjustment range of +/- 20 mm. A whole wall is always insulated at one time and adjusted using a rotating laser or a spirit level.

Step 2. Base coat and reinforcing mesh

The subsequent coating of the wood-fibre insulation boards provides the system with increased stability and permanent crack coverage. The specially developed reinforcing coating UdiMULTIGRUND is applied using a toothed trowel to a minimum depth of 5 mm and the UdiREINFORCEMENT Strengthening Mesh is then bedded-in to the coating. This is the base for a durable and crack-free top layer of finishing plaster.

Step 3. The finishing touch

Now the final step is to apply the top coat using a material of your choice. It does not matter which one you choose. Loam/clay plaster, loam/clay paint or lime plasters and silicate paints from the UdiLIVE-System are especially recommended but wallpaper or tiles are also possible.

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