Innovations and Guarantees

Our tradition of innovation

In an economic sense we can only talk of innovation when a new product or production process has been introduced or adapted and its utility has been recognised. It is often the case that that the utility or value of an innovation is only discovered after a long initial phase. We want you to be able to find our products quickly and thereby immediately enjoy the benefits for both your residential/commercial buildings and your quality of life.


Our newest product innovations are UdiRECO, UdiIN RECO, UdiCLIMATE, UdiIN 2CM.

The latest scientific findings, our long years of experience in the building sector and continuous contact with tradesmen provide us with valuable information for the development of innovative insulation systems and for the optimisation of our existing products. Our close and daily involvement with the construction industry has enabled us to develop high quality, healthy building products which are easy to work and install.  

Our aim is that all those who use our products – specialist tradesmen, architects and, above all, the property developers – are satisfied. We work continuously on the development of new product ideas and system innovations in order to improve the living-quality of your accommodation while making careful use of our environment’s valuable natural resources.

UdiGuarantee Conditions

Why do we offer a 15 year guarantee?

Because we are always being asked how durable our systems are. By the introduction of the guarantee in 2007 we had already gained over 15 years of experience and today, in 2017, we have over 25. Over this period we haven’t had a single claim for damages or the removal of our system. The figures speak for themselves – a 100% success rate in over 70,000 projects.

Our first guaranteed building projects are now 10 years old. Mr. Gertruda from 4300 Bovenistier in Belgium was granted the first guarantee and is still delighted that he chose a system with such high quality and customer value.

UdiINSULATION SYSTEMS with our 15 year guarantee

  • UdiIN RECO System - Interior thermal insulation composite system with intelligent levelling compensation
  • UdiIN System - Interior insulation system
  • UdiFRONT - Complete façade protection at its best.

How do I get the guarantee?

Property developers will receive the guarantee from our trained and licensed UdiSPECIALIST INSTALLERS who install the product/system. Alternatively, you can complete our training course yourself. Upon completion of the installation, the Udi Quality Assurance Protocol must be completed and sent to us. This will be checked for correctness and if satisfactory the developer will be issued with the guarantee.

Does the guarantee system cost more?

No. There is no additional cost for our guarantee system. If all of our system components – boards, mesh, fixings, accessories and render/plaster system – have been used and the Quality Assurance Protocol shows that the system has been correctly installed, the guarantee can be awarded.

Calculating the cost

If you would like any help in calculating the cost of your project and the 15 year  guarantee system, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail or directly. We will be pleased to offer you all the assistance you require.

What is covered by the guarantee?

If all the original UdiINSULATION SYSTEM components are used and the system is correctly installed by a licensed UdiSPECIALIST INSTALLER, we provided a 15 guarantee covering the functionality of the system and the following properties:

  • Mould-free guarantee
  • Warp-free guarantee
  • Crack-free guarantee
  • Colour choice guarantee – even for bolder colours

All of our UdiINSULATION SYSTEMS are manufactured to the highest standards and all components are optimally matched. They are subject to continuous monitoring and are of excellent quality.