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Insulate naturally. The Original.


Innovative insulation systems made from environmentally-friendly wood fibres



Temperature regulating carbon fibre sheet for warm surfaces

UdiSUN® works according to the motto “We bring the sun into your house“.

Here, radiant heating based on state-of-the-art carbon sheets and wood fibre insulation boards from the new generation of UdiINSULATION SYSTEMS® merge to form a single unit.

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The fast and slim interior insulation system

Our interior insulation is not only simple and thereby costefficient to install but UdiIN 2CM® also provides decisive energy-saving benefits, especially in rooms that are only sporadically used and heated (assembly halls, residential rooms etc.). The internally insulated rooms can be heated very quickly as the solid external walls must not be warmed along with the room. This factor is often overlooked and offers huge potential for saving energy. In a test measurement on a building with traditional brick walls, the U-value improved from 1.3 before to 0.5 after the installation.

Guaranteed mold-free insulation

The insulation system can used for the room-side insulation of external walls. Thermal storage, the intermediate storage of moisture, capillary-active and vapour-permeability - these are the benefits of the UdiIN RECO® interior insulation system. In contrast to foam or mineralfibre insulation boards, the condensation which develops within system is absorbed, stored temporarily and through the natural drying of the wood fibres is transported back into the room air or to the exterior via the capillary effect. The insulated component is protected from the excessive build-up of moisture. Insulating internally using UdiIN RECO® wood-fibre insulation boards does not require a structurally questionable vapour barrier.

Up to 50% noise reduction with only 30 mm insulation thickness

UdiCLIMATE® is an extremely versatile interior construction board that can be directly plastered. It can be used as an internal, rafter insulation and for ceiling areas as well as on stud walls and substructures. The board is free from harmful substances and is easy to install. The three interconnected capillary-active insulating layers, consisting of a layer of almost stationary air columns in a special, climate-chamber, cell structure enclosed within two wood fibre layers, harmonize perfectly. This sandwich structure guarantees flexural rigidity without any warping of the surface when used with plasters or blown-in insulation. In a test report, the airborne noise measurements before and after the installation show a halving of the incident sound energy, despite the slim construction. UdiCLIMATE® is the natural alternative to traditional cladding options.

External thermal insulation composite system with intelligent levelling compensation

The combination makes the difference.
The insulation system UdiRECO® is made of two different insulation layers. The flexible and soft layer provides a snug fit to the substrate and ensures a perfect insulating fit. The pressure-resistant, render-bearing insulating layer has a tongue and groove profile for optimal wind-tightness. The reinforcing render is applied to this layer and finished with a coat of fine plaster, which is available in various colours and granularities.